Traveling to Theta


-Projection on silk and wall
-Sound sculptures
-Gouache and gesso on canvas
-Variable Size
-Displayed at OK Corral, Copenhagen

Installation view

The Theta frequency, between 4-8Hz, is one of four frequencies in the brain. Brainwaves and frequencies create human consciousness, and influence our emotions and experiences. In a Theta state, we experience an expanded state of consciousness, similar to being in a trance or having waking dreams. It is an intermediate stage between being wide awake and completely asleep. When the brain is in the Theta state, both the mind and body are deeply relaxed. This happens daily, either while dreaming or in the brief moments before falling asleep or waking up. Entering the Theta state, however, is out of our conscious control. Only through meditation, or via the use of a mind machine -which affects the body through light and sound- can we actively help our minds achieve the Theta state. The exhibition "Traveling to Theta" -an installation by Berit Dröse- is a constructed journey into the Theta state, mimicking a space between dreams and reality. Dröse has recreated Theta brainwave oscillations and frequencies, allowing the viewer to be immersed in an auditory and visual universe. "Traveling to Theta" is an attempt to make the invisible visible. The exhibition lies between the scientific and the spiritual, investigating an underexposed dimension and questioning how we perceive and experience reality.

Interference,Two projections on silk and wall

Installation View

Mind Machine II, detail, Materials: Wood, lp-player

Mind Machine I, Materials: Wood, Metal, vibrating speakers, water, gouache

Transcendence, detail

Transcendence II, Gouache on canvas